6 school communication “Face It Facts” – SCN Encourager

Ready for a bit of tough school PR straight talk?

It might hurt.

But we’ve got to face the facts.

Face It Fact #1
The main battle we face today is for ATTENTION.

Face It Fact #2
It used to take 7-8 different points of contact to effectively get our message through to an audience. According to the research, it now takes 14-16 touches.

Face It Fact #3
EMPATHY rules.

Face It Fact #4
Our 14-16 touches and our-ever-so-sincere EMPATHY must be consistently delivered, in multiple ways, online, and offline.

Face It Fact #5
The key ingredient we need to add to everything in Face It Fact #4 is this: Useful Value.

Face It Fact #6
Here’s the kicker. Unless it involves our condolences or a crisis, our communications need to be anything BUT BORING.

Uh, oh…

Dang, I hate Face It Facts!



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