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Avoiding the Grand Plan Re-do: Part II

Thanks for coming back for Part II of veteran school communicator Gerri Allen’s tips on how to do research — and why it’s so important for school leaders to make decisions after having listened to a cross-section of constituents, about 75 percent of which don’t have school-aged children. Gerri handled school communications for the Washtenaw…

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Start with good research and avoid the “re-do.”

I’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder with people who consider “research” to be procrastination – one step on the ladder of productivity from contemplating one’s navel. No time to be tentative, they’d say. Nothing is accomplished until you roll up your sleeves and actually do something.  That’s why I started taking notes when I heard Gerri Allen speak with conviction…

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Gearing up for Black Friday? – SCN Encourager

Watch and learn from your retail cousins. School leaders and communicators have much in common with retailers and bricks and mortar shop owners. And please don’t just pass me off as a father of girls who’s never gotten fully comfortable with all that comes along with Black Friday. Can you really argue that there’s a big psychographic gap between the next generation of…

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