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All is well… just as long as you stay on the “Most Stressed” list – SCN Encourager

Yeah, I realize this wasn’t my message last week.  But I pivoted. Or as they’d say in politics – I flip-flopped. And now I feel like a knucklehead. Because for about 72 hours there, I was quite proud of Thursday’s Encourager and Friday’s Encourager and my two-part spotlight on the real-world STRESS that we share. They were winners in my book. I…

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There’s no change. You’re still on the Top Ten “Most Stressed” List (The Sequel) – SCN Encourager

Guess how many decisions (little, big, & in-between) you make in a day. It’s shocking! Research confirms we make about 35,000 decisions per day. And no, that’s not a typo. That’s 35,000. Admittedly, an old guy like me (… a wife, three daughters, and a dog that somewhat tolerates me) could accurately say that the number of decisions he’s…

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