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Whatcha’ ya fighting for? (Is it this?) – SCN Encourager

Our current political scene is a merry-go-round.                   Seth Godin cautions us to avoid it.  Of course, our political leanings and citizen activism matter greatly. But we must not allow them to blur the focus on our worthy cause. The people we serve are depending on us.…

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6 school communication “Face It Facts” – SCN Encourager

Ready for a bit of tough school PR straight talk? It might hurt. But we’ve got to face the facts. Face It Fact #1 The main battle we face today is for ATTENTION. Face It Fact #2 It used to take 7-8 different points of contact to effectively get our message through to an audience.…

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Fitting in is out. (A lesson from a Super Bowl ad.) – SCN Encourager

Wanting to help others “fit in” isn’t a bad thing, is it? I can’t say I’ve ever asked myself this question before. Usually “fitting in” is only an issue when it involves trying to “fit into”  a pair of just-washed jeans! (Which isn’t a pretty sight…) Now master marketer and growth advisor Chris Brogan has…

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