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The ideal costume for school communicators… – SCN Encourager

… is a fitting one for the best elected officials, too. It’s been my contention all week that Halloween and political campaigning share many similarities. #5 in this five part series reminds trick-or-treaters and office seekers alike that it takes more than just relying on all of the respective tools associated with their chosen quest. Much more. And this reminder is an appropriate…

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When a disaster strikes, confidently respond with an effective crisis plan.

A school communicator’s day often feels like a whirlwind. To prevent activity from spiraling out of control, you need a crisis plan – especially if you’re responding to an actual tornado. That’s the message Zac Rantz will share with school communicators attending the Michigan School Public Relations Association’s Fall Drive-In the morning of Nov. 14 at…

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Trick or treat! No, wait. I meant to say, “vote for me!” – SCN Encourager

#3 in the ghoulish five-part series highlighting the similarities between Halloween and political campaigning. “Hey, Tom!  Why are you picking on politicians?” C’mon, Do I really need to explain this? But I’ll try… just for you. Despite the fun I’m having this week comparing our current political campaign season with Halloween, I do sincerely hold 93.4% of our office…

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