More than counting candy. More than counting votes. – SCN Encourager

Your evening’s really not finished ’til you assess what’cha got.

Halloween Jack o Lantern pail overflowing with candySimilarity #4 shared by both trick-or-treaters and political campaigners alike has to do with “taking stock.”

After a night of trick or treating with the girls years ago, I always had a blast watching them sort and separate their bounty.

They wouldn’t take a bite out of anything until they fussed with it briefly (all while Cindy was conducting her “mom approved” safety inspection).

I had a blast in the way a hovering vulture probably does… ready to pounce on all of the discarded black jelly beans and unwanted chocolate bars containing coconut or almonds.

It’s a good thing my girls were excellent trick-or-treaters because they sure were picky about their Halloween haul in a way I never was.

Not that I’m complaining, though.

Excellent political campaigners are also careful to evaluate and assess their post-election “inventory.”

Naturally, knowing the final result of the election is first and foremost, but not too far behind is assessing the scope of the campaign’s full resource inventory.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 8.01.54 PMMuch like my girls analyzed and categorized every type, size, wrapper, and anticipated sweet or sour taste in their candy collection – political campaigners need to analyze the multitude of resources called upon in their campaigns, most of which extend beyond just looking at financial contributions and volunteers.

They must look back and then look ahead to build upon resources like their support group networks, absentee voter touchpoints, opposition research, maintaining the commitment and intensity of their die-hards, and the ability to keep growing local social media influencer buy-in.

Similarity #4 relates to you and me in this way:

As school communicators, we also must keeping expanding our resource inventory.

And one of the most important skills we should be able to offer is effective crisis response planning.

I’m grateful that SCN feature writer was able to connect with Zac Rantz, who will be featured presenter at the MSPRA Seminar on Friday, November 14.

Kym’s article will motivate you to go hear Zac if you haven’t already signed up.

I’m looking forward to attending and asking Zac a “safety ” related question.

Because now that I think about it, I’m wondering why Cindy would always carefully inspect the girls’ candy (every piece!) but never even look at any of the Halloween treat cast-offs that were directed my way.

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