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The real value of lifelong learning – SCN Encourager

      If you haven’t heard of Kary Oberbrunner yet, you’re missing out. His gift is helping people gain clarity and become “souls on fire”– excited about who they are, what they do, and the direction they’re going. (See? Not all my inspiration comes from Cindy!)

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What you choose to attack indicates the kind of leader you are – SCN Encourager

You won’t find a self-test any easier than this. Shazam! I’m starting to get the hang of this whole “innovation” thing. Yesterday I presented my extensive credentials to show you why I’m well suited to raise the topic of innovation. No doubt many of you were shocked, some maybe even envious. I’ll admit it’s a rare day I can crow about my…

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Forget work-life balance. Just monitor your “willpower gauge.” – SCN Encourager

Many experts believe achieving work-life balance is a pipe dream. Apparently… You’re either working on YOUR top priorities or you’re not. And you can’t always go by what’s on your calendar, either. The meetings and other events you have penciled in may not actually represent YOUR top priorities. They may just represent YOUR “stuff.” I sure wish I could be…

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