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Want to be known as an innovator? Hire me. I have the skills you need. – SCN Encourager

You needn’t look any further for help. I’m your man. Call me. Or better yet, call my agent. I still can’t believe my sudden good fortune! I’m proud to now announce that I naturally possess ALL of the top prerequisite skills needed for launching into “pure innovation” by a factor of 10x. New research has determined that a unique skill set actually…

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Forget work-life balance. Just monitor your “willpower gauge.” – SCN Encourager

Many experts believe achieving work-life balance is a pipe dream. Apparently… You’re either working on YOUR top priorities or you’re not. And you can’t always go by what’s on your calendar, either. The meetings and other events you have penciled in may not actually represent YOUR top priorities. They may just represent YOUR “stuff.” I sure wish I could be…

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