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Browsing the holiday displays at Bronner’s

It’s a valuable field trip for school communicators As a kid growing up in mid-Michigan, I thought Bronner was one of the reindeer that pulled Santa’s sleigh. I suppose I was confusing the name with “Donder” from the Clement C. Moore poem “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” But I wasn’t entirely off base. In Michigan,…

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Has the face of your competition changed? – SCN Encourager

How would you describe it? Marketing experts have told us for years that the “real competition” affecting organizations comes from the expanded number of choices available to consumers. For example, we want our parents to come to our school open house. They are free to choose to attend… or stay home, go to work, go shopping, hang out at a sports bar, or…

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How 8th graders brought the 2012 Super Bowl to Indy

How did she work that magic? That’s what school communicators asked after reading my Super Bowl story on Dianna Boyce, who headed up communications for the Indianapolis host committee. To set the tone for Hoosier Hospitality right from the get go, Dianna said the host committee decided to have eighth graders – who would be…

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