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Going the extra mile? It helps to be on the right path. – SCN Encourager

This advice seems like a no-brainer. But it’s not. According to Peter Sage, an author, leadership coach, and TEDx speaker from England, many of us often seek friendship, love, and adventure by choosing the wrong path. It’s not that the majority of paths are horrible. It’s just that some are better than others. Because every path is adorned with its own “surroundings and…

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What are the odds of lightning striking twice? – SCN Encourager

It happened! I’ve beaten the odds! Forgive my boasting. I’d push out my chest with pride if it didn’t require me to first suck in my gut. But think about it. Recently I wrote about the importance of first impressions and how we’re really only as good as our last impression. And dang. What does master marketing…

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Yep, I’m as classy as the next guy. Let’s go to a museum. – SCN Encourager

You never know what a-ha moments await! You’ll find stories. Sights. Sounds. Demonstrations. Connections. Touchpoints. Maybe even my favorite – a concession stand. And if you’re really fortunate, you’ll be able to snag a do-able idea or two to try out in your school district. Now I won’t go overboard and take up a bunch of your time. We’re all…

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