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How’s your “boilerplate” working out for you?

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1st in a series of 8 Basic Tools for Effective Communication . . . Topic: The Boiler Plate Remember to PATTB!* *Pay Attention to the Basics I enjoyed reading the posts about Jamie Volmer on the SCN homepage.  While I agree with Volmer’s conclusion (epiphany?) that we can’t run schools like a business, I would suggest…

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The trick to hitting your target every time – SCN Encourager

This tip comes immersed in controversy. (Gotta love the internet!) The story goes like this. For more than a decade – pastors, politicians, and leaders of all stripes have referenced the same Charlie Brown comic strip. They describe how Charle Brown is shooting arrows and hits the bullseye every time. Not that he’s a good…

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The perfect survey question (I found it depressing) – SCN Encourager

Survey experts know the importance of asking the right questions. They also know most survey respondents (good decent folks like us) don’t make their jobs easy. While survey experts typically want to probe our feelings – to better understand the emotions behind our decisions – the good decent survey respondents like us typically give answers intended…

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