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My goal. Guru status. (by 2014)

Recently a marketing and social media “guru” asked an audience of about 50 of us non-gurus to blurt out what percentage of decisions did we think were made from our “emotional” or “feelings” domain as opposed to decisions made from the rational side of our make-up.  I heard shout-outs of 70%, 60%, and 50% before…

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The battle for your attention – a fresh look

Classic books

I was sitting with my teen-age daughter in the marble rotunda of one of the nation’s great art institutes listening to a live jazz concert. The trumpet player was fabulous. We were surrounded by magnificent art. I sipped white wine from a clear cup. The woman seated next to me was wearing just the right…

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Hug Facebook. You’ll see results. (Kevin Honeycutt, Part 2)

Facebook in Education

Some parents won’t read anything that isn’t printed on paper, but that number is plummeting. If your school isn’t using social media, you’re missing great opportunities to connect with your community and solidify the value of children and schools, technology consultant Kevin Honeycutt says. Just do it. Set up a Facebook page. Put someone in…

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PaleoJoe’s lament: We’ve lost the time to explore

You won’t read this article. It doesn’t matter that you may learn things to help you be more effective. You work in a school district, so you’re trained on what your state and the feds decide kids should know. If the stuff on the test hasn’t been taught before students take it, scores will be…

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with Professor Pocock

7th in a series of 8 Basic Tools for Effective Communication . . . Topic: Speakers Bureaus Go have your say!     How effectively are you reaching out to people in your community and proactively telling them of the great things being accomplished throughout your school district? Speakers Bureaus are one of the eight basic tools…

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with Mark de Roo

When 2% Costs You 100% This summer, I rediscovered a passion that I hadn’t experienced since being a kid: biking. With the encouragement of my son and the realization that my knees started to hurt more from running, I yielded to two wheels. So, I bought a “new” used racing bike. This is the kind…

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