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Planning big events: Take time, if you’ve got it.

Orchestrating a big event on a tight deadline is a recipe for nightmares — if you have time to sleep at all.  Yet one of my proudest “gotta move that mountain” moments came when it fell to me to plan a wedding ceremony and reception with just seven days notice and everything turned out lovely.  Even…

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with Mark de Roo

Do us all a favor. Get rid of the “victim” card. OK, this essay is more difficult and clearly more delicate. So, I’m at a conference on a health care issue and notice something pretty paradoxical. Over half the people in attendance are obese. At the meals, 50 per cent of the participants are piling…

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Heartbreak beyond comprehension


It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. It’s also an “Oh no. How can I help? What should I do?” time for school communicators.  You know what I’m talking about. Your heart goes out to those who are suffering the sudden death of a child. You know you want to do more than be on the sympathetic…

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The Disney Way. Another option for you?

Dumbo flies

Strategic planning is “no small world” when it comes to Disney enterprises. “The Disney Way” author Bill Capodagli uses Walt Disney’s all-purpose principles of “dream, believe, dare, do” to guide organizations through a process of envisioning brighter futures. Capodagli’s keynotes and workshops were originally tapped by hospitals, hotels and other businesses determined to become like…

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An Authentic Legacy Right in Front of Me

Many periodicals today push amazing how-to headlines and specific steps to follow on your path to quick fame and fortune. You know what I mean. You’ve seen them, too. Six ways to lose weight while eating ice cream! Four sure-fire excuses your boss will believe while you’re basking on the beach! Eight ways to demonstrate…

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with Professor Pocock

Comm 101 featured image

3rd in a series of 8 Basic Tools for Effective Communication . . . Topic: a photo library Sometimes a picture is worth diddly squat This is Week Three in our series of eight basic tools for effective communications. Summer’s an optimal time to refresh and renew.  Are you taking some time to do that both…

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