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Closing out the week with a Zach-ism – SCN Encourager

Here’s the second unusual practice of futurist David Zach He probably has more. But I can only vouch for two. The first is his practice of building extra time into his travel schedule so he can connect with friends and acquaintances when he arrives in a new city. Whether David will still do this after meeting up with me last month is…

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It’s time to step up and defend comfort zones. (Join the crusade.) – SCN Encourager

What’s so horrible about comfort zones, anyway? I mean, really? And don’t tell me you’ve never wondered about this. After all, how many times have we seen this kind of visual? Lot of times, right? We never see anything that advises us to stay put where we are. That is, until now. Consider. Most of the successful innovations today are actually just incredible improvements (or…

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Victories by the Lions & Cubbies. The Ohio State upset. (The meaning of it all.) – SCN Encourager

School communicators already know the primo lesson of the weekend. It can’t be ignored. Miracles happen. Yes, they do! What was previously preordained (AKA predicted or assumed) suddenly no longer holds true. Even if it’s just for a few days. That’s how it is with many of  life’s pleasant pop-ups. And this weekend’s events have special meaning for us because I…

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