Whatcha’ ya fighting for? (Is it this?) – SCN Encourager

Our current political scene is a merry-go-round.










Seth Godin cautions us to avoid it. 

Of course, our political leanings and citizen activism matter greatly.

But we must not allow them to blur the focus on our worthy cause.

The people we serve are depending on us.

They’re depending on our schools.

And so is America.





Godin wrote:


more than ever, with teachers scrambling with remote learning, personal health, and the shifts in our culture, they matter.

Teachers matter because they have the guts to buck the dominant test and measure system.

Because they show up with care and energy, and because they lead.

By time spent, what percentage of the typical school experience is spent on: tests, test prep, comportment, homework, memorization, the curriculum, and the social pressure of fitting in?

And what percentage is spent on daydreaming, inventing, creating from scratch, doing it without a manual and finding new solutions to difficult problems?

Change is must come from parents and from teachers who care.

Oh, my!

This sounds like a wake-up call for us!

It also sounds like work.

Dang it.

I was hoping I could just keep goofing off until all the votes are counted!