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Join us for our next Lunchinar!

You’re invited! On Wednesday, March 9, we’re sponsoring another one of our popular #scnLunchinars! So, what’s an #scnLunchinar? It’s a FREE live streaming school PR micro-event that runs from 12:15 – 1 pm. Imagine a 45 minute topical and friendly virtual lunchtime get-together with other school communicators who are all eager to “grow in what they know.” That’s a Lunchinar. Our…

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Ready for a fun weekend? Beware of this time suck. – SCN Encourager

I hope your willpower is better than mine. I got pulled in without much of a fight. It figures. While most people get outright shady emails promoting bank account phishing swindles or some other scam – and have no problem deleting them – I receive truthful emails that tease out challenges I can’t ignore. Here’s what I mean. A couple of days ago I…

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This pastry chef could whip up a fantastic school PR workshop! – SCN Encourager

You can never go wrong with beignets, assorted chocolate delights, and ginger snap cookies, right? Imagine. Wouldn’t her handouts be the best? Sweet and edible… my favorite kind! I heard Katie Walts on the “Behind the Mitten” radio show Sunday night. The show usually features peer-to-peer (er, mug-to-mug) conversations about unique microbrew establishments all around Michigan.…

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