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Time. Money. Food. Managing those are a snap compared to managing yourself. – SCN Encourager

At least that’s what the experts say. And who am I to argue? I could be the DIT (do-it-tomorrow) poster boy they haul out to scare people into attending self-improvement and time management workshops. Dang. I hope the experts appreciate how much I help them drive up their revenues. Luckily, I don’t have to shell out big bucks for their obstacle-identification…

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Is the popular “pursue your passion” directive over-rated? – SCN Encourager

Is your inner passion really the key motivator? Tough questions, for sure. It’s too bad I’ve got to make my response speedy-kwik. On the sly even. Because if Cindy found out I was delving into the topic of feelings, desires, and passions… the teasing around here would be non-stop. Merciless. But Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox said something quite interesting about pursuit of…

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