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Thought leaders (huh?) – SCN Encourager 4/29/30

Are you a thought leader? A thought follower? What a weekend! The weather started to warm up. The Redwings secured a spot in the play-offs. The Detroit Tigers cooled off the red-hot Atlanta Braves. And the Lions planted the seeds of hope during the 2013 NFL Draft. And, oops… almost forgot… my youngest daughter graduated…

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Using the NFL as a prank – SCN Encourager 4/26/13

Is the NFL now a “UA?” For some, it may be … In yesterday’s Encourager, I made light of our use (over-use?) of school-related acronyms.  Somehow my discovery that “the NFL” can also mean “the National Forensics League” now seems like a dirty trick played on me by our high school’s performing arts department. I…

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