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Bracketology and how I’ve achieved perfect work & home life balance – SCN Encourager

It has nothing to do with choosing winners I’m NOT talking about basketball. My NCAA Tournament Bracket went to crap about 12 days ago. But I’m still keeping an open mind about all the fuss with brackets, though. Todd Herman – the insightful life coach I wrote about on Friday – recommends “bracketing” to his high profile clients to similarly pair off their personal…

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Is Time your adversary? Simple advice from a premier life coach – SCN Encourager

Time affects us equally. We’re overwhelmed. We’re overcommitted. And all that saves us from total collapse is the fact that TIME is finite. Otherwise we’d try to stretch even more of it onto our schedules. Why we even bother to run ourselves ragged under the delusion we’re successfully “managing” our time is beyond me. And you know me, usually I’m the Grand…

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