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Want more TIME in your day? (This tactic’s crazy enough to work.) – SCN Encourager

I’ll admit it’s different. But it’s do-able. Hear me out. According to mega-marketer and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk our success at managing ourselves and our time begins with how we assess our “buckets.” He’s worth a’ listen. Vaynerchuk was born in Russia, learned English in our schools, helped grow his father’s wine selling business into a $60 million…

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How some kids saw the future of communications 24 years ago – SCN Encourager

I never know what I’ll find while cleaning my basement Embarrassing as it is to admit. But I sure wish I had memorized this SpiderMachine sketch when it first came out in the Columbia Journalism Review back in 1993. I would’ve invested my retirement funds much differently through the years. I probably didn’t give it a speedy-kwik glance, though. That would’ve required at…

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