Why associations like MSPRA are more important than ever – SCN Encourager

They go far beyond one-to-one support and “hot topic” professional development

How do I know?

Well, check out the rubric below.

You can see for yourself.

It’s easy to benchmark each one of MSPRA’s “over and above” components.

Now this Five Point Association Rubric is something I made up.

But don’t write it off just because of that.

I stole it fair and square from a national podcasters group – so I’m confident it’s a reasonably decent measuring stick.

Since we’re all communicators and so on.

Besides, isn’t it true that everything of value in our schools is required to have its own rubric of some kind?

It’s about time someone like me cobbled one together for MSPRA and other school PR organizations.

So here’s my Five Point Association Rubric:

#1 = Inspiration
Without offering this, an association isn’t much, but MSPRA beats out the podcasters on this one.

#2 = Introduction
MSPRA introduces its members to new people and in turn to new perspectives and skills. MSPRA doesn’t get carried away, though. Heck, even an old grizzled veteran like me with old jokes – and an even older sense of fashion – fit in (somehow).

#3 = Application
Of course, there’s more to MSPRA than just meeting new people and learning new stuff. It’s important to bring back some “added value” to your district. This is where podcasters have an advantage at their conference. They can interview each other and then simply beam their work back home. Done.

#4 = Commiseration
This is the biggie! (… probably not too surprising) “Commiserating” is craved by people who gather together with other people who do what they do. And isn’t it amazing how our respective war stories all become funnier when we’re rubbing elbows with other people who “get it?” (Okay, make that somewhat funnier…)

#5 = Vacation
Podcasters love to point out how their conferences are incredible working vacations away from home. I believe the MSPRA board works hard to ensure its conferences are incredible learning vacations away from work.

The winner: MSPRA
Of course!
Best wishes to all attending the MSPRA Annual Conference on March 16-17.

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