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It’s cordless & wireless. And it only took me one year to master! – SCN Encourager

I can’t believe the NSPRA program committee turned down my proposed presentation. In my humble opinion… the committee members give too much weight to presenters who are talented and respected. How fair is that? But until the criteria is changed, all I can do is complain. After a year of extensive training (using a no-oversight online educational provider, by the way) I…

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Crisis time. It’s not a question of IF, it’s a question of WHEN. – SCN Encourager

There’s not much positive you can say about a school crisis. At best… you can only pray that “everyone involved” got out of it safely afterward. Because a school crisis situation kicks off high emotion, quickens the pace, and ignites varying levels of confusion, preparation for the inevitable crisis headed your way is critical. After all, it’s the quality of your pre-crisis preparation…

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Does “addition by subtraction” actually work? It did for Time Magazine! – SCN Encourager

It can’t get much simpler than this. Check out this edition. Talk about a tight focus. It’s anchored in the Magical 4. See for yourself. There’s a clear number: 240. There’s an upbeat action verb: Celebrate There’s a love of country: America There’s a simple call-to-action: Right Now That should’ve about covered it. But the editors of Time weren’t finished. They also employed strategic editing. Along with…

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