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Two pick-ups from Ryan Seacrest. – SCN Encourager 11/25/2013

And this headline isn’t as twisted as it looks. Maybe “two take-aways from Ryan Seacrest” is better one But an article about Ryan Seacrest got me thinking… … about our schools, our people, our hopes, and our challenges. I found the article in this month’s Success magazine. It was in my huge “Dare to Dream…

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NewsJacking. AdJacking. HolidayJacking.— SCN Encourager 11/22/2013

You’ll notice a lot of direct promotional tie-ins now. You can’t avoid them. Whatever you turn on or wherever you turn your eyes, there they are. When messages come your way that are inter-twined with a well-publicized current event, a hyped-up scandal, or a whacked-out celebrity, the communications tactic is called newsjacking. When you see…

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“Consider the source.” – SCN Encourager 11/21/2013

I’ve always thought this was good advice. Now I’m not so sure. And I’m not a confident school communicator when one of my tried and true clichés can’t be trusted. When I learned that The American Journal of Medical Quality sent in a team of researchers to study the Facebook pages of 40 New York…

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