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What do you think about the wild popularity of superheroes? – SCN Encourager

Let’s hope our politicians don’t try to cap their number. Our world can never have enough superheroes. Including the superpowered imaginary ones we see on TV and in movie theaters.           But on today of all days, it’s important for us to remember the REAL superheroes who sacrificed their lives while protecting and preserving our freedom. After all, the difference between…

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Your school PR is judged by the consistency of your customer service – SCN Encourager

Treating people “right” 100% of the time is the fastest path to improving the public perception of your district. Our February Lunchinar guest was Kentucky Superintendent Kelly Middleton. He and host Holly McCaw provided 45 minutes of non-stop conversation about the benefits of amping up your customer service, and still today, the recommendations Kelly shared continue to…

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How SavvySexySocial Amy Schmittauer “prepares” (it’s kinda different!) – SCN Encourager

Like Ron Howard, Amy believes “the magic” only comes after good preparation. Many of you told me you resonated with Monday’s Encourager. In it, I highlighted the shout out Ron Howard gave to the importance of preparation. His observation oozed with credibility. As few Hollywood movie directors have his track record of accomplishment. Many of you also told me you impressed…

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