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The fine art of persuasion: good, better, and best. – SCN Encourager

 Believe or not Sears was onto something. It seems quaint now. But the good – better – best model actually worked well for Sears for more than two decades. And “worked well” is probably an understatement. During the 1940s-1970s Sears earned the marketshare and revenue growth similar to what Amazon and Walmart does today. By frequently presenting three options within the…

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Want to become a school PR Einstein? Watch your math. – SCN Encourager

Experts say you get what you measure. It’s true. Even my wife Cindy’s a believer. She’ll tell you without hesitation she wished she took time to measure all kinds of things many moons ago. But she didn’t. So she got what she failed to measure. Me. School leaders and communicators should try to avoid a similar mistake by establishing preferred benchmarks from…

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