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School crisis response takeaways (and repairing my damaged ego) – SCN Encourager

Yesterday’s Lunchinar was a winner. Not that you could keep score. But you know what I mean. Beyond sharing a number of experienced-based tips, school crisis response expert Rick Kaufman demonstrated his passion for school PR and what we all do. And his value-packed observations didn’t just waft down to us from some lofty ivory tower. No, they came from someone who’s proud to be…

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What happens when Michigan weather & Murphy’s Law collide? – SCN Encourager

It makes for an anxious day, I’ll tell you that! Saturday’s event was grand. We honored Dwayne “Tiger” Teusink (now 80) who served as a teacher and Hall of Fame tennis coach at our high school before retiring in 1989. After weeks of planning, which included minor construction and the installation of a new archway bearing Tiger’s name, the athletic director, facilities director, board…

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Who do you trust enough to regularly rub your lamp? – SCN Encourager

This question isn’t as kinky as it appears. I’m actually somewhat serious. So there’s no need to worry about me posting up images from the old “I Dream of Jeannie” TV show with Barbara Eden. But don’t put it past me. Although the TV show aired 45 years ago, that kind of research might be fun. No, I’m talking about the person – your most trusted…

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