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School crisis response takeaways (and repairing my damaged ego) – SCN Encourager

Yesterday’s Lunchinar was a winner. Not that you could keep score. But you know what I mean. Beyond sharing a number of experienced-based tips, school crisis response expert Rick Kaufman demonstrated his passion for school PR and what we all do. And his value-packed observations didn’t just waft down to us from some lofty ivory tower. No, they came from someone who’s proud to be…

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What happens when Michigan weather & Murphy’s Law collide? – SCN Encourager

It makes for an anxious day, I’ll tell you that! Saturday’s event was grand. We honored Dwayne “Tiger” Teusink (now 80) who served as a teacher and Hall of Fame tennis coach at our high school before retiring in 1989. After weeks of planning, which included minor construction and the installation of a new archway bearing Tiger’s name, the athletic director, facilities director, board…

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