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Do those fuzzy and squiggly “CAPTCHA” letters drive you nuts? – SCN Encourager

Well, hang in there! You’re helping digitize libraries all around the world. No fake! Dr. Nancy Colflesh, Ph.D. who spoke at MSPRA about “cross generational communications” last Thursday in Petoskey, Michigan would understand why and how this happened. Me? I’m still wondering why the CAPTCHA developers just didn’t take their money and run. That’s sure what I’d…

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MSPRA, FOIA, MASB… and OMG! – SCN Encourager

There’s nothing like a little “FYI” time in charming Petoskey. Especially with a state mandated July 1 deadline looming. But thanks to Gerri Allen, the Executive Director of the Michigan School Public Relations Association (MSPRA) and Dianne Litzenburger of the Char-Em ISD, the pent-up anxiety felt by many school communicators due to Michigan’s new Freedom of Information Act “website…

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What?!? It’s not “location, location, location” anymore?!? – SCN Encourager

I can’t believe I’m just finding this out. What’s next? Will tomorrow’s breaking news suddenly announce “Hold onto your hat! This just in. Perception is not reality! That’d be my luck. Dang, it’s tough to see popular experienced-based maxims under attack. I need them. They help me navigate our current environment of unlearn, relearn, re-do, un-do, stop, go, and gluten-free.…

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