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Urgent! Here are freebies! Thank you so much! – SCN Encourager

These are the simple words that typically ignite “positive” action. They’re research based. So they may be useful in your future messaging. You’ll see that the actual list of proven “positive” words and “negative” words is rather short, but at least it’s thought-provoking. Some of the words are predictable. Others are somewhat surprising. The POSITIVES (words that usually get fast action) •…

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What would you do with a billion dollar ad budget? – SCN Encourager

As fun as it sounds, it won’t solve every marketing problem. Especially this one. It’s one most organizations and businesses battle. I’ll bet you’re familiar with it. It’s called recruitment and retention. And having a big bank roll in hand is no guarantee you can ever push and pull it into right balance. Because it’s a fact. Organizations and businesses must continually attract more…

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