Two items today: our lunch date on Tuesday and how to be a loser – SCN Encourager

I didn’t mean for it to look like these two are connected in some way.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.09.19 PMOops.

This isn’t good.

How’d I mess up my editorial calendar for today so badly?

Yes, I wanted to send out a reminder about the free 45 minute Lunchinar video conference scheduled for Tuesday and I also wanted to highlight for you this entertaining “How to be a Loser” TEDx Chicago talk.

But I never meant for anyone to link them together!

And Cindy’s no help.

She said, “Who wouldn’t?”

But please try to treat these two items separately.

#1  Tuesday’s Lunchinar will be anything BUT a loser… and you can read more about it by clicking to the info here.

Lunch at 7.17.10 AMNot only do we have three talented and experienced school communicators who will be offering some real-world tips and perspectives for us while we eat, we’re assembling a nice group of people eager to give our first virtual Lunchinar a try.

Although Holly, Gerri, and Michelle will be the only ones on our computer or mobile screens (we can “live chat” our questions in), I’m still getting a little antsy about it.

What to bring for lunch?
What to wear?
How not to send in a silly question?
(Traceable back to me…)

But I’m grateful Holly, Gerri, and Michelle are willing to try something new.

Hope you are, too!
(And don’t forget MSPRA’s seminar on Thursday, either.)

Now good ol’ Item #2  is a one heckuva different TEDx talk.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 7.27.50 PMFormer MMA fighting champion Rich Franklin spoke in Chicago more than a year ago about “How to be a Loser.”

Because I really don’t care for Mixed Martial Arts as a sport or anything else, I’ve been putting off viewing this fifteen minute video for quite a while even though I had heard good things about it.

But then I read that Franklin was a former high school math teacher.

That got me off my duff.

Go figure.

Franklin’s got a fresh take on “losing” you may find inspiring.

Particularly if you make important decisions under pressure at times.

Take a look at Rich Franklin’s video when you’ve got 15 minutes to spare.

He deserves kudos for it.

I’d love to ask him in person why he got out of teaching, though.

What happened, Rich?” I’d ask with a sneer. “Not tough enough to be a teacher, anymore?”

But I wouldn’t have the guts.

I’m not even sure I’d be brave enough to “live chat” this question into Holly, Gerri, and Michelle from miles away – and let them ask Rich for me!

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