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On a tight school PR budget? Skip the costly ads and billboards. Invest in this instead.– SCN Encourager

Building up and nurturing your various school communities is worth every penny. Especially now. Maximize every “kumbaya moment” in your district and keep bringing your people together. I wasn’t just promoting the upcoming Lunchinar on customer service when I included “LIVE EVENTS” in Tuesday’s list of 4 trending school PR strategies. Bringing people together will pay off every time. Of course, you must be sincere about…

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4 attention-getting strategies that are sizzling hot in today’s marketing world – SCN Encourager

And it wasn’t so long ago they were only lukewarm. That’s why I could only guess one. Customer service.  Choosing it correctly signaled a gigantic improvement over my usual score. For I never could’ve guessed the other three. Not only are they a little long in the tooth (like you know who), these tactics are reminiscent of billionaire Warren Buffet’s well-known…

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Join us for the February Lunchinar!

You’re invited! On Wednesday, February 3, we’re sponsoring another one of our popular Lunchinars! So, what’s a Lunchinar? It’s a FREE live streaming school PR micro-event that runs from 12:15 – 1 pm. Imagine a 45 minute topical and friendly lunchtime get-together with other school communicators who are all eager to “grow in what they know.” They’re a blast. SCN’s January Lunchinar attracted…

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