What trusty ol’ inner barometers guide your way? Here’s a critical one for school PR. – SCN Encourager

Do we really need all of those data summaries and pie charts?

Let’s say “NO.”

chartsEven if it’s just for today.

Each one of us has a unique set of inner barometers that helps us gauge what we need to know.

You have ’em.
I have ’em.

And if that’s not scary enough for you – consider that our inner barometers are often better, quicker, more accurate, and more trustworthy than many of the manufactured creations that come our way.

We’re able to immediately gauge the temperature in a room even before an important meeting begins.

We’re able to immediately gauge the tone and direction of a conversation from the very first words spoken by a person who has called us on the phone.

We’re able to immediately gauge the significance of a personal a-ha moment as soon as that invisible light bulb inside our brain flicks on.

And I, for one, can even immediately gauge my future (in the short-term, at least) by the look on my wife Cindy’s face.

In our work as school communicators, there’s something we should always be inwardly measuring when it comes to the marketing of our district, too.

And we’ve got to learn to trust it.

My inner gauge is crazy simple

My inner gauge is crazy simple

It has nothing to do with all of the various facts, figures, comparisons, and details we wallow in.

It has everything to do with our marketing momentum.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Within each one of us, we have a gauge that tells us whether our school marketing efforts are presently chugging along on schedule, have stalled, or are rolling back in the wrong direction.

You know dang well what I’m talking about.

No doubt you feel your inner “school marketing” needle flittering up and down all of the time like I do.

The tough part is figuring out how and when to respond to what our gauge is telling us.

Do we simply ignore it?

Or we trust our instincts enough to confidently share about what we’re sensing to our team members?

I wish there was an easy answer.

But that’s what Mondays are for – we get the opportunity to use our inner barometers and start impacting the rest of our week.

So I hope for you five straight days of non-stop positive momentum.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

But I’ve got to go.

My growling “hungry stomach” gauge is now sending me a signal.

And I really like responding to this one.

Perhaps way too much for my own good!

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