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FREE rarely comes cheap! – SCN Encourager

Unfortunately, I have to keep re-learning this. Even the most innocent looking offer often comes along with hidden entrapments. Like further costs. More responsibility. Surprise messes. And every parent knows what I mean. Every time we dare to hope something will be simple. inexpensive, and not require any assembly, we usually find out otherwise. I was reminded of this…

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29 steps to a better school

Solid ground. Teaching and learning is the terra firma of what happens in schools. But the topsoil – the nutrient-dense surface layer – is found in the growth-stimulating relationships that develop between educators and students. That’s why I wanted to devote a follow-up blog post to Kelly Middleton and Elizabeth Petitt’s second book, “Simply the Best: 29…

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Wishing you well on Memorial Day! – SCN Encourager

The timing of this remembrance couldn’t be better. It’s always a good thing whenever we pause in recognition of the valiant men and women in our Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives on our behalf. No one doubts this. And as crazy-busy the next couple of weeks will be for school leaders and communicators, the meaning of Memorial Day…

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