Wishing you well on Memorial Day! – SCN Encourager

The timing of this remembrance couldn’t be better.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.52.09 PMIt’s always a good thing whenever we pause in recognition of the valiant men and women in our Armed Forces who sacrificed their lives on our behalf.

No one doubts this.

And as crazy-busy the next couple of weeks will be for school leaders and communicators, the meaning of Memorial Day can also help keep our year-end events and future planning decisions in the right perspective.

That’s why we shouldn’t be too quick to put today behind us.

It may our ticket to that higher plateau where our purpose and significance somehow get in clearer focus.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 9.06.22 PMHere’s a unique Memorial Day story about Lt. General Lucian Truscott Jr. (1895-1965)

It went a long way toward bridging my annual “take the holiday for granted” gap.

It’s an amazing account of how Truscott, while speaking before a large crowd on Memorial Day 1945, actually turned his back on his audience – many of whom were VIPs and other politically well-heeled individuals

And his message became legendary.

No tweets, likes, links, or 8 second sound bites.

Yeah, I know, it almost seems impossible in 2015.

But Lt. General Truscott nailed it 70 years ago… and the way he approached future missions was never the same.

And still without videos or selfies, of course.

May your Memorial Day with family and friends give you much to carry forward, too!

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