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How would you describe it?

Spedizione veloce_001Marketing experts have told us for years that the “real competition” affecting organizations comes from the expanded number of choices available to consumers.

For example, we want our parents to come to our school open house.

They are free to choose to attend… or stay home, go to work, go shopping, hang out at a sports bar, or choose from “it’s anybody’s guess.”

People with unlimited choices are our real competition.

The nearby charter school or a neighboring school district may be your visible and tangible competition, but your real competition is the multitude of available choices, including many not related to education at all.

Does this make sense?


It’s now old news.

Because the experts now say that the wide range of choices is no longer our real competition.

Our real competition is something else.

For sure, all of the “many choices” are still a significant competitive factors.

They’re still a burden on the back of every school communicator.

But the real competition we must beat today is TIME.modern city at night

In 2014, the kudos and high marks from consumers go in ever-increasing numbers to organizations that offer easy processes in speedy-kwik ways.

So what’s this mean?

It means we’ll be challenged to move fast, pivot quickly, and “launch” without the benefit of waiting around for the perfect plan to come in from the blue-ribbon committee that begin its work in 2011.

It means you have something to mull over while you enjoy your weekend with your family and friends.

I’m not sure how my mulling will go.

Cindy has a list on the kitchen counter of some things she’d like to see some “fast action” on.

But I don’t know.

I think this “move fast and pivot quickly” concept needs further study.

Speed shouldn’t be rushed.


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