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This “new sexy” may work for you. For me? Not so much. – SCN Encourager

Some of my best subject lines get me in trouble at home. That’s why I usually play it straight. Not because Cindy’s a prude. Rather it’s because she’s too honest. When she saw words “new sexy” she pounced. “Hmmm…” she unfortunately wondered aloud. “And your ‘old sexy’ was exactly when?!?” But I didn’t take the bait. There…

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School PR and communications reflection #5 – SCN Encourager

Since Seth Godin’s attorney hasn’t put the kabosh on my series of school PR reflections yet, here’s one more. At least I don’t think he has. Sometimes I’m a little slow in getting around to my mail. (If you know what I mean…) As we head into good ol’ #5, here are my first four “Godin inspired” school…

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It’s the best channel there is. And no remote is needed! – SCN Encourager

Here’s my Seth Godin inspired school PR reflection #4. Believe me. I’m wishing more and more that a remote actually existed to direct connect me to Seth Godin’s recommended “best marketing” channel. While it hurts me to say it – It’d be nice to be able to click away quickly from the Tigers or Lions to something more worthwhile…

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