This “new sexy” may work for you. For me? Not so much. – SCN Encourager

Some of my best subject lines get me in trouble at home.

That’s why I usually play it straight.

Not the real Cindy

Not the real Cindy

Not because Cindy’s a prude.

Rather it’s because she’s too honest.

When she saw words “new sexy” she pounced.

“Hmmm…” she unfortunately wondered aloud. “And your ‘old sexy’ was exactly when?!?”

But I didn’t take the bait.

There really is a “new sexy” out there despite what she thinks.


And unlike any of the other new sexies that have popped up on the scene, this one is free.

The New Sexy at 7.22.46 AM

From grammar checking to vocabulary assistance, this app is amazing.

It claims it can help anyone become a better writer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 7.50.18 PMWell, they haven’t met me yet… so we’ll just have to see how long they can keep yapping about that!

Now, here’s a neat twist.

I think the grammarly Twitter feed is even more amazing than the app!

It’s a fantastic model of doing Twitter right.

You know, strategically connecting with the three best things a social media channel should do:
and engage.

There’s definitely something here for our schools mirror.

But you’ll see it will require a fair measure of creativity and planning.

I might try to carry this out myself someday, though.

But first I’ve got to get through grammarly’s suggestions for becoming a better writer.

Dang, that is one long checklist!

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