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The decision to close down a school permanently is painful all by itself.

And then you must begin to tip-toe through an emotionally charged PR “minefield.” There’s no doubt about it. In the life of every school leader and communicator some of the worst days on the job involve the slow build-up to a permanent school closure – and then the immediate let-down that follows. Hopefully, you’ll be able to fall to…

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Breaking News! Seriously speechless on Saturday. – SCN Encourager

Here’s another reminder why offense is better than defense. Sports talk radio sometimes doesn’t help my marriage at all. And I’m sure I wasn’t the only spouse ensnared by the intense outcry taking place over the airwaves Saturday morning. As we often do, Cindy and I were up and about on Saturday – going to breakfast, visiting the farmer’s market, and…

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Three communicators offer “insights that may surprise you.”

On the lookout for quick tips that’ll extend your reach? I am. Duly noted: School communications is hard work. It’s also a big part of what makes a school — and a school district — successful. Fortunately, the building blocks of good communications are pretty simple. Getting them all stacked straight and in order is another…

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This marketing metric will surprise you

Finally! A litmus test that measures how connected a school communicator is to his or her community. Here it is: How many cupcakes could you get donated for a spur-of-the-moment event? Kathy Gomez, communications director for Coopersville Area Public Schools in Michigan, passes the cupcake test with flying colors. She got all 6,000 cupcakes she…

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Super Bowl promo insights revealed

When competition is fierce, how do you stand out from the crowd? Eighth-graders! That was the novel strategy the Indiana Sports Corporation used in 2008 to bring the National Football League’s Super Bowl XLVI to Indianapolis. Dianna Boyce, communications director of the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee, had me riveted as she told me the story…

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Hug Facebook. You’ll see results. (Kevin Honeycutt, Part 2)

Facebook in Education

Some parents won’t read anything that isn’t printed on paper, but that number is plummeting. If your school isn’t using social media, you’re missing great opportunities to connect with your community and solidify the value of children and schools, technology consultant Kevin Honeycutt says. Just do it. Set up a Facebook page. Put someone in…

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