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Where Halloween and political campaigns collide (#2) – SCN Encourager

Similarity #2 in a fresh fright-filled five-part series Yes, I know it’s “Tech Tip Tuesday.” But since SCN video and podcast expert Jim Camenga made me look like a cheapskate in today’s short video tutorial, I’m not going to give it the usual whopper build-up. His tutorial deserves one, of course, but my heart’s not in it. Jim worked hard on…

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Are we living in scary times or what? – SCN Encourager

This week’s upcoming convergence of political campaigning and trick-or-treating boggles the mind. This clown came up to me the other day and I couldn’t even tell if he was asking me for my vote or some candy. Whoa! We sure are living in the midst of some strange days. So, in acknowledging the prevailing strangeness all around…

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