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They’re here! January “Lunchinar” Resources & Notes!

What a great way to learn more about Twitter, the effective use of hashtags, Tweetchats, and more! With SCN’s Holly McCaw ably hosting Wednesday’s 45 minute virtual conversation, Jen Harris and two of her team members from Arlington Public Schools (Frank Bellavia and Gladis Bourdouane) provided a ton of insightful perspective and tangible tips about how schools can effectively…

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An MVP player helps. But you still have to market.

Comerica Park in Detroit

Ron Colangelo’s office window at Comerica Park is lined with bobbleheads of Detroit Tigers. As the Major League Baseball team’s vice president of communications, Colangelo’s staff hypes games where bobbleheads, rally caps and other souvenirs are given away. There aren’t giveaways for all 81 home games in a season, but Colangelo makes sure every game is…

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Scaling up the fun factor works big time for Moosejaw

“Make our customers love us.” You can’t miss that message painted in groovy letters on an inside wall facing the front door of Moosejaw Mountaineering’s corporate headquarters in Madison Heights, Michigan. I’d made an appointment with Gary Wohlfeill, Moosejaw’s creative director, to learn how customer engagement builds brand loyalty. Nobody does customer engagement like Moosejaw.…

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Hug Facebook. You’ll see results. (Kevin Honeycutt, Part 2)

Facebook in Education

Some parents won’t read anything that isn’t printed on paper, but that number is plummeting. If your school isn’t using social media, you’re missing great opportunities to connect with your community and solidify the value of children and schools, technology consultant Kevin Honeycutt says. Just do it. Set up a Facebook page. Put someone in…

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