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Is “gap overload stressing you out?” (It’s definitely possible.) – SCN Encourager

How many “gaps” are you struggling with every day? My guess? A LOT! We’ve all got our various healthy-wealthy-and wise bases to cover on the home front. And then at school, we’ve got an entirely different list of shortfalls-deficiencies-and sub-group comparatives to monitor. As fate would have it, my home and school related “gaps” are tightly wrapped together. I need to make considerable…

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What does your morning routine reveal about you? – SCN Encourager

You can put me in the “It’s Tough to Tell” category. It’s sad in a way. Research shows that high achieving successful people have consistent morning routines. This isn’t good. It means I’ve got to avoid reading any research summaries about those of us who don’t have consistent morning routines. It could be painful. For me, the truth is like baby aspirin. I can…

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