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Doom or gloom? Nope. We choose Zoom. – SCN Encourager

That’s the way of the school communicators I know. You’ll usually find school leaders and communicators traveling along the most positive path. Even if the situation of the day isn’t the actually what you could call “the best.” I guess we’re not all that good at reading the obvious signs. Or maybe we can read them well enough, but we’re just grand…

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It’s “Weird Al” Tuesday. You game? – SCN Encourager

Weird Al Yankovic’s marketing strategy lifts him to #1. Perhaps you caught this little blurb on the Content Marketing Institute’s website. I spotted it while linking up this site to Monday’s Encourager. It contains a marketing lesson that borders on the unbelievable. Apparently, The Wall Street Journal actually paid 100% of the production costs for Weird Al’s recent video parody of corporate…

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Meet Henrik. He lives in Sweden. – SCN Encourager

He writes about his experiments in “worthwhile living.” He also likes ice cream. That’s a plus. Henrik Edberg is  34 years-old and he has been writing about his passionate pursuit of productivity and balanced thinking for almost 8 years. His sincere focus on the topics of “productivity” and “balanced thinking” no doubt reveals to you why I find him so…

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