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Want a glorious feeling?

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.44.16 PMIt really does help to sing in the rain.

The research I backed into yesterday actually bears this out.

I’m almost as surprised by this as Cindy is!

No fooling.

Choosing an attitude of good cheer will gift you with an extra measure of positive public perception in a variety of areas.

However, a couple of you wrote back to ask me if I forgot all about our School Communicator maxims, #457A and #457B.

Oops. I had!

I was too busy practicing “feeling good.”

So I’m grateful they interjected their voices of realism into the discussion.

The School Communicator maxims really shouldn’t be ignored.Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 8.15.55 PM

If you recall, #457A states – “Nothing is ever easy in the performance of our duties. Nothing.”

And its corollary #457B states – “Even if your school project should be easy, somehow it won’t be.”

For sure, a re-think is in order.

After all, I’m a school communicator, too, so I understand the truth behind the maxims.

I know that circumstances and situations can burst our lah dee dah bubble at any time.

But there’s something appealing about the benefits of intentionally choosing an attitude of good cheer.

It makes me want to hang onto mine awhile longer.

In fact, I even remembered one of my happiest times in elementary school back in Flint.

Now, you’re going to think this is dumb – and if you’re under 92 years of age – this story will probably not make any sense at all.

But when I was in 3rd grade I loved music class.

If we sang our hearts out and sat straight in our chairs with “good posture” for the entire 30 minutes, our music teacher would inform our classroom teacher – and we would get double recess!

What a deal.

In its day, we kids thought this was even better than “pizza pizza.”

I still remember my favorite music class song, “The Happy Wanderer.”

“The Yellow Rose of Texas” was close second.

Anyway, to give you an idea of the merriment contained in “The Happy Wanderer,” I looked on YouTube for a suitable clip to share.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.04.31 AMYou’ll get a kick out of this two minute version by the Muppets.

It captures the energy and spirit of my 3rd grade music class.

It’s right here just for you – even though I’m pretty sure my class never sounded anywhere near this good.

And if you’re wondering what this little ditty has to do with school communications, watch the clip past the 40 second mark.

You’ll find out that this clip could be the theme song of school communicators everywhere.

Maxims #457A and #457B pop up and are on full display.

But even so – I still dig this song!


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