Doom or gloom? Nope. We choose Zoom. – SCN Encourager

That’s the way of the school communicators I know.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.09.25 PMYou’ll usually find school leaders and communicators traveling along the most positive path.

Even if the situation of the day isn’t the actually what you could call “the best.”

I guess we’re not all that good at reading the obvious signs.

Or maybe we can read them well enough, but we’re just grand masters at ignoring them.

If this is true – keep it up.

Because science now supports that intentional presentations of “happy” have far more appeal to the public than those dour and sour recitations of the facts.

One study showed that websites which promote the general feeling of “happy” (like Amazon, HGTV, Kayak, Apple, and CBS) are thought to be much better designed than those perceived as serious and dull (Citibank, PBS, Aetna, and

Go figure.

So, the best advice I can give you today is this –

young mother playing with little daughterKeep doing the happy dance as you strive to recruit students and create your flyers and videos.

People can tell if you’re just going through the motions.

To further my research on your behalf, I asked a school communicator in a neighboring district about this.

I asked what she thought was the #1 characteristic found in all school communicators.

Despite dropping all kinds of hints that “a positive attitude” was the answer I was shooting for, she came up with something else.

She said, “I think every school communicator likes to talk.”


This hardly validates my working theory on good cheer and happiness.

But since her answer is probably spot on, I’ll do my best to try and be happy about it.


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