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How movers and shakers “spent” their time while I was eating pie and watching football – SCN Encourager

My  secret spies confirm it. Movers and shakers INVEST rather than SPEND. And I’m not talking about more than money here. For sure. Today’s upper tier leaders simply don’t fit the profile of most of our wild and crazy Black Friday shoppers. Movers and shakers don’t anything I routinely do, sad to admit. Well, shaving, maybe. They do that. (But I doubt they listen to podcasts…

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Oh, the school marketer I’d be with a bit more “chutzpah” – SCN Encourager

Wouldn’t it be a blast to inject some “shameless audacity” into a PR campaign sometime? Just once? I think it would. I always fall into this rabbit hole whenever I hear an ad that pushes brazen to new heights. A radio ad I heard yesterday made a big deal out of Stan Druckenmiller. I had never heard of him before. But the ad touted Druckenmiller as one…

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Feeling overwhelmed? Uh, hate to say it. But you better get used to it – SCN Encourager

Jack Trout’s excellent book “Repositioning” gives 3 reasons for our stress. And he builds his entire book around 3 words: Competition. Change. Crisis. Bet you’re not shocked. Our schools wrestle with these all of the time. Trout believes it’s these realities that make it nearly impossible for us to get our intended messages seen and heard. In his book, he has offers some…

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