Don’t allow “math phobia” hamper your school PR – SCN Encourager

When people ask what you do, here’s a simple way to tell them.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.42.40 PMAnd this tactic is connected with the two really big deals that are trending in marketing and communications.



I’m sorry it involves something like looks like a math formula.

Had I thought it up – rather than marketing ace Mike Koenigs – it would’ve looked more like a pizza and my favorite microbrew.

But despite its algebraic appearance, Koenigs’ formula works.

Especially if you want to level up your clarity when you’re talking to someone (AKA networking).

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 7.58.28 PMKoenigs recommends using this basic formula whenever someone asks you want you do.

He believes you should always be ready to impress.

Plus, it’ll promote additional positive discussion.

So, your response to a questioner should be along this line.

“I help “X” with “Y” even if “Z.”

For example, “I help kindergartners with their preparation for future success even if the future of learning and work is unpredictable and undefined.

There’s no doubt what the letters represent.

X = who you serve
Y = what you do, what you deliver (a benefit)
Z = the real-world problem or obstacle you help overcome

Koenigs is a cancer survivor so I’m glad he’s now making a very good living presenting this formula to leaders from all fields and professions.

It’s teachable and instantly do-able.

That’s definitely part of its appeal.

Some organizations now require every employee to have their own “XYZ” statement, whatever their level or department – all in the interest of improved clarity and better connecting what everyone does with others (AKA networking).

Works for me.

“I help school leaders and communicators with encouragement and school PR tips every now and then… even if I’m the one who needs the most improvement.”

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