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PR pros beware. Don’t let this list of banned words trip you up. – SCN Encourager

The famed Econsultancy sure hasn’t done me any favors. Dang ’em. Their list might put me out of business. They can bemoan “PRspeak and jargon” all they want – but I will go to my grave defending our constitutional right to express “mumbo-jumbo.” Gratefully, the list below doesn’t include any of the words we real-world school communicators frequently use on…

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Okay, I’ll admit it. Here’s one of the secrets I must hide from Cindy. – SCN Encourager

I refuse to ever let her see me reading an article with the headline “how to be more awesome.” The inevitable teasing would be brutal. But her skepticism alone wouldn’t mean the article lacked merit. It just means that Cindy hasn’t bought in… yet. I used the word “yet” because there’s hope Cindy might actually support this article about the value…

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Three memorable takeaways from NSPRA 2015

They’re do-able and won’t break your budget. Let’s go! When SCN asked me for a few beneficial takeaways from NSPRA 2015 in Nashville, I jumped at the chance. As a former past president of both NSPRA and MSPRA, my heart is with you and every in-the-trenches school communicator. I appreciate the positive contribution you make in your school district. The first…

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