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Weddings. Mortgages. And a writing template worth copying. – SCN Encourager

Do you dread writing “construction bond rationales” and other similar pieces that require a comparative analysis of some kind? I do. Writing to you about communications and the work we do in our schools is a blast. Writing up a straight-forward presentation of specific facts and figures for a broader school audience takes effort. A lot of effort. I was reminded of this reality the…

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The #1 key to communications success should win an Oscar – SCN Encourager

“And the winner is – empathy!” Nobody will hand you a shiny gold trophy thingie for it. But it’s the “must have” ingredient in every piece of effective communication. And as simple as it sounds, there’s a big wrinkle – one that keeps up from consistently scoring a perfect bullseye in building strong empathetic connections with our intended audience. It seems…

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Good luck crossing the intersection of News and Noise – SCN Encourager

And don’t even hope to find any red-yellow-green traffic lights. Nothing could organize this chaos. Today’s high impact collisions between news and noise won’t stop. And the many veteran journalists (who are now serving the public as veteran school communicators) know what I’m talking about. The media landscape is changing faster than anyone can imagine. Not having a background…

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