A cool and fresh approach to marketing (I’m so jealous!) – SCN Encourager

One of these days I’ll take a bow.

I’ll welcome the praise that flows my way.

For now, I’m just going to call out good examples in marketing whenever they pop up, even if I had no hand in its creation.

Santa deserves the credit for today’s example,

as it was on Christmas morning I found two of these wrapped up and tucked into my stocking.

Naturally, I have my suspicions about who under my roof put Santa up to this tease, but no matter.

The two tiny “cans” of Altoids gave a mighty lesson in marketing.

Beyond the uniqueness of the Altoids can itself, I was impressed by how it featured the Altoid name.

A “social proof” tagline above it: The Original Celebrated 

A differentiating statement below it: Curiously Strong Mints 


Tell me this wouldn’t work for a school district!

This is too easy a concept to swipe to not try it.

When you eventually get around to opening a tin of Altoids, another surprise awaits you.

(Well, maybe “surprise” is a bit of a stretch…)

Anyway, the mints are wrapped up inside a thin piece of classy paper which proclaims yet another message.

These mints must be strong if they make you cry “Uncle!”

Now… would any words or phrases like these fit your district’s academic program?


Cutting Edge!

Or maybe something like this works better.

Simply pull the same differentiating tagline off the cover of the tin.

That’s probably what I’d do.

Come up with a slick slogan right at the beginning.

And keep repeating the same thing over and over and over again.

I know I should be more curious about why I’m this lazy.

But you know, I’m just not.