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Cool & calm school PR veteran knows when to sweat

The word “guru” gets tossed around a lot lately. But communications guru Ron Koehler earned this distinction a unique way. He actually earned it. After leaving former Michigan Governor Jim Blanchard’s communications office more than 20 years ago, Ron settled into the Grand Rapids area and never looked back. He’s worked for several progressive cutting-edge…

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with Professor Pocock

2nd in a series of Thinking Outside the Box . . . Topic: Tour Guides Picture this! How often are you asked to give tours to families moving the area?  Obviously these families are evaluating which school district fits their needs so they know where to buy their home.  And have you given much thought to…

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It’s what’s inside that counts (Now they tell me!)

This may not be earth-shattering, but beauty really is skin deep. And maybe even deeper. I recently heard a creative type on a radio show talk about how Michelangelo approached a huge block of marble, chisel in hand, for the first time. Unlike what I would’ve imagined, Michelangelo didn’t view the marble as something he…

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TED creator still spreading ideas but with a twist

Richard Saul Wurman

Like nearly four million other viewers, I felt transformed by watching Sir Ken Robinson’s 20-minute presentation on about the education system “strip-mining” our minds instead of nurturing a love for learning. I wouldn’t know a thing about Robinson or his inspiring ideas if he had not been part of a 2006 TED conference, where…

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An MVP player helps. But you still have to market.

Comerica Park in Detroit

Ron Colangelo’s office window at Comerica Park is lined with bobbleheads of Detroit Tigers. As the Major League Baseball team’s vice president of communications, Colangelo’s staff hypes games where bobbleheads, rally caps and other souvenirs are given away. There aren’t giveaways for all 81 home games in a season, but Colangelo makes sure every game is…

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with Mark de Roo

How Big Is Your Rack?  (Or “How to Write a Provocative Title”) Several years ago, I joined a bunch of guys for a 5-day expedition on Isle Royale in Lake Superior. It is as pure wilderness as you’ll ever experience.  Rumor has it that there’s a wolf pack on the western end of the island.…

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