It’s what’s inside that counts (Now they tell me!)

This may not be earth-shattering, but beauty really is skin deep. And maybe even deeper. I recently heard a creative type on a radio show talk about how Michelangelo approached a huge block of marble, chisel in hand, for the first time. Unlike what I would’ve imagined, Michelangelo didn’t view the marble as something he needed to bring shape to from the outside, he believed there was something of beauty inside of the marble that he had to gently caress out.

This news took me aback somewhat. First, because I  wondered about who changed my radio preset away from sports talk, but also because I write about lots fantastic teachers and principals (and what they do) and I’m pretty sure I’m doing it from the perspective of what all they are instilling into the brains and character of their students. It’s too bad that I can’t even remember ever writing about how through their special talents and caring, the super educators all around me are gently caressing out the beauty already inside of their students. Think of how this would freshen up my stories!

But hey! Maybe the guy on the radio didn’t have his facts right. Maybe Michelangelo actually worked back then the same way I usually do now. Step up. Hack away from the outside. Do my best. And meet my deadlines. But . . . I probably will be a better school communicator to assume that the Michelangelo historian was right after all.

What do you think? Are you with me? Should all discussions of art be banned from radio?