Knucklehead Moments (The Real Tom)

The collision of Einstein and the Smarty Pants gang – SCN Encourager

It’s been happening on Twitter for the last couple of days. Why I thought so many of the tweets in this particular feed were funny, I can’t say. #StupidQuestionsForEinstein But at any rate, I was reminded about the draw of an engaging hashtag. #StupidQuestionsForEinstein How can we trust atoms if they make up everything? Did…

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How to tell if you’re really thankful – SCN Encourager

Talk about walking the talk! W. Clement Stone (1902-2002) gave more than $275 million to charity and was one of Interlochen National Music Camp’s premier benefactors. If there’s another choice available, I’m open to hearing about it. Please pass it along! Stone can’t be the sole source of advice on this topic! Don’t make me go through…

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How I dealt with everyone away on Spring Break – SCN Encourager

What can I say? I missed you guys. With so many of you down south this past week, I had to go it alone. It wasn’t easy. But actually, I’m dang good at writing “from me to me.” You’re a much more discerning reader.  (lucky duck!) As is typical with most of life’s problems today,…

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