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Fibbing, fudging, and spinning. (Telling your story.) – SCN Encourager

By Tom Page, SCN Founder | Knucklehead Moments (The Real Tom) , The Encourager

My mom was a marketing master.

It’s awfully hard for me to admit.

But I see it now.

One of her favorite TV shows way back when was “What’s My Line?”

She understood the challenge involved in saying what you do clearly and concisely.

Every episode of “What’s My Line?” featured a panel of well-known and witty celebrities trying to unearth the vocation of “a guest.”

The panelists were blindfolded if “the guest” was a famous movie star or athlete, but usually they just asked “the guest” yes-or-no questions in rotation made their guesses under the pressure of a speedy-kwik count-down clock.

You can tell just by looking at this photo, “What’s My Line?” matched the sex appeal, suspense, and action of today’s “Game of Thrones” in nearly every way.

Well, maybe not.

But you’d often see the panelists smoking cigarettes – so that was pretty controversial in retrospect, don’tcha think?

For sure, this ancient TV game show spotlighted how figuring out someone’s “line” ain’t all that easy!

In fact, I’ve had my superintendents through the years wonder what the heck I was actually doing day-in and day-out – and they weren’t even blind-folded!

Unfortunately, it’s another fact that you and I often battle to frame our own personal “elevator speeches.”

As we’re usually the culprits who make it difficult for anyone to fully understand what we really do – or even care.

So this our Hot Potato Reality #2.

That most of us can’t complete this basic elevator speech template without prompting.

____[I]_______ help ___[this group]____ tackle or overcome ___[a challenge of some kind]____ so they can _____ [reach a specific level or milestone]_____ , even if _______[there’s a negative factor of some kind]_____.

So how’ bout it?
Am I wrong about today’s Hot Potato Reality?
Would you struggle to complete this template?

I’m gonna bet you would!

Because I struggle with it, too!

“I help purpose-driven and busy school leaders activate clear and consistent communication plans so they can CLOSE THE GAP between THE GOOD WORK they and their teams are doing and WHAT THEIR COMMUNITY KNOWS about it, even if the constraints of time, personnel, and budget at first seem daunting.”

Oh my!

I wish my mom were alive today so she could help me clean this up.

I’m not sure I’d like her advice, though.

Another one of her favorite TV game shows was “To Tell the Truth.”






First it was Scrooge. Then it was the Grinch. Who’s next? – SCN Encourager

By Tom Page, SCN Founder | Holidays & Seasons , Knucklehead Moments (The Real Tom) , The Encourager

Maybe Scrooge can carry around Christmas in his heart 365/24/7.

But am I the only one who thinks doing this is kinda hard?

I guess getting into the true spirt of the season at the 11th hour is always possible, though.

Even the Grinch caved.

Giving us yet another popular holiday-transformational story.

In contrast to Scrooge and the Grinch, however, Tiny Tim never needed an attitude adjustment, a-ha moment, or a Hollywood personality transplant to turn up the volume about Christmas.

He was into the program from the get-go.

In the model of the best school communicator, he was able to enthusiastically share the meaning of the season with considerable emotion… and in only four words!

How can you not be impressed?

Tiny Tim can express a spot-on holiday greeting using about 80% fewer words than most!

(Note to self…)

Tiny Tim’s message isn’t the only four-word holiday greeting in circulation, though.

This one from Ogden Nash is a topper in my book.

This one still leaves a little room for a good “bah, humbug!”

You gotta like that!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –





The collision of Einstein and the Smarty Pants gang – SCN Encourager

By Tom Page, SCN Founder | Knucklehead Moments (The Real Tom) , The Encourager

It’s been happening on Twitter for the last couple of days.

Why I thought so many of the tweets in this particular feed were funny, I can’t say.


But at any rate, I was reminded about the draw of an engaging hashtag.


How can we trust atoms if they make up everything?

Did you watch those Einstein Baby videos when you were young?

Is there such a thing as a fake theory?

Did you split checks, too?

If E=mc squared, then what is X?

What can I do about all this gravity that’s weighing me down?

Why did you start a bagel shop?

What years were you president?

Do you find that entropy ain’t what it used to be?

Which shoe do YOU put on first?

Is the Frosty at Wendy’s a liquid or a solid?

Have you met Elvis?

Why is the word Abbreviation so long?

What’s Love Got to Do with it?

Quick, my kid needs a science project for tomorrow – any ideas?

Did your parents name you Einstein because you’re so smart?

Are the drink specials the same at all Applebee’s, or does it depend on the location?

Why do people listen to country music?

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Do pineapples really belong on pizza?

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

And like the dolt I am, I couldn’t resist submitting a question of my own.

Mr. Einstein, which is it? Is all that dumb stuff online drawn to me… or am I drawn to it? 

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
























How to tell if you’re really thankful – SCN Encourager

By Tom Page, SCN Founder | Holidays & Seasons , Knucklehead Moments (The Real Tom)

Talk about walking the talk!

W. Clement Stone (1902-2002) gave more than $275 million to charity and was one of Interlochen National Music Camp’s premier benefactors.

If there’s another choice available, I’m open to hearing about it.

Please pass it along!

Stone can’t be the sole source of advice on this topic!

Don’t make me go through the entire day faking like I’m enjoying sharing.

But even if no other alternative methods come to mind –

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, anyway.

Maybe I can get some sharing practice in during halftime –

and sincerely learn to like it.

(Anything’s possible.)





How I dealt with everyone away on Spring Break – SCN Encourager

By Tom Page, SCN Founder | Knucklehead Moments (The Real Tom)

What can I say?

I missed you guys.

With so many of you down south this past week, I had to go it alone.

It wasn’t easy.

But actually, I’m dang good at writing “from me to me.”

You’re a much more discerning reader.  (lucky duck!)

As is typical with most of life’s problems today, I found an app to help me cope with the absence of nearly all of my Michigan friends.

It’s called

As you can see, it’s a “coffee shop atmosphere” simulator.

The developers claim a moderate level ambient noise in the background while you work will enhance your creativity and ability to focus.

So I revved up RainyCafe when I sat down yesterday to write this Encourager.

If anyone ever deserved more creativity and focus from me, it’s you.

But I’m sorry to report this app didn’t help me at all.

I found the ambient noise – and plates and silverware clanging – made me hungry.

And just like our little ones at school, I can’t write on an empty stomach.

You get back home safe and sound.


You’re needed more than you know!





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